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Here lately when I go to makeup artists message boards I’m beginning to see a trend. A whole lot of posting of yet another new makeup item purchased but untested. A request for “what’s the best — ?” for my kit. The only way to know is to do your homework. Really who doesn’t love a new toy? I do! Ahh but here’s the problem, you may swatch it, even try on yourself and wear for a few weeks, and then back in your makeup drawer, closet, kit–never to see the light of day again. Off you go next week to purchase another lipstick. If you’re simply a collector then-go-head-with-your-bad-self and collect on, but if you’re a working makeup artist, you need to think more strategically.

First – USE IT!

When you purchase products, think about having a makeup party to test it out on various people. Having my girls come over for a –Girls Night Out. The girls would come over, and they volunteered their beautiful faces for me to practice. They’d all be stunning, and I’m the one in the cab doing my makeup in the dark on the way to the club lol. Ahhhh, but what I got out of those parties were invaluable to me. I got to figure out what worked, how well it held up especially under all that dancing. I learned if the color changed under certain lights or how it reacted to various skin conditions and so much more. If I can throw parties, you can too–, and you know what, you’ll have a great time. Think PTA, Church Women’s Clubs they would love something like this. You’ll get to hang with your friends and family, hell, you might even get new clients, and in the process learn some new things.

Second-LOOSE IT!(your money that is)

Some stores now have return policies so don’t just horde the makeup–return it. Especially if it’s a cream based product because they don’t last as long like powder products. Seriously, if that makeup doesn’t work take that sucker right back and get your refund asap. A simple check on their website or ask the salesperson, and you can find out how much time you have to test it. Now even the drug stores in New York (CVS, Duane Reade, Rite Aid, etc.) have fabulous return policies when it comes to makeup–just ask before you buy.

Third-TRY IT! Before you buy!

Full disclosure here, in my over a decade of being a working makeup artist, I’m one of those MUA’s that doesn’t switch my products too often. For me, I know what has worked, and I am notoriously cheap lol. I seriously hate wasting my money. Of course, there are always those purchases I just cannot help myself. It’s just calling me across the isle, and I fall in love, I am a makeup artist after all. Besides, you all know what they are cause I shoot them out all the time.–ah Hello, L’Oreal’s Miracle Blur–what?! 🙂 I pratice “TRY before I BUY” as much as I can by getting samples. It’s a great way to test out products without spending money or at the very least a small amount. Look to the department stores for free samples (bring your small containers so they can’t say they don’t have any). Many on-line stores that sell PRO lines or prestige brands have great sample programs. For a nominal fee get-your-sample-life-on with CameraReadyCosmetics and the fab Face Atelier (and quite generous sizes I must add). When your sample is through now you know if you love it. If you do –BUY IT!

You’ve got to do your homework.

Messageboard 411 Listen, BeautyFull makeup people, you can post all day long asking questions about how the makeup works for other artists, but you’ve got to try it in your environment, under your working conditions. It is the only way you will know for sure what works for you and is kit worthy. If you are a fab pro or pros-in-the-making, I want you to think about all that money you’re spending on yet another red lipstick or the latest nude palette. Think about how you can use that money towards other areas of your business. Cards, websites, marketing tools, unexpected travel, lights, gas, classes, I can go on. When you look around you will see all that money in your makeup drawers and not in your bank account when you actually need it.

Here’s to all my fellow fab artists wishing you much jobs and success in 2015–and oh yeah MON-NAY! (said in Honey Boo Boo fashion)

2015 yeah baby

How do you feel about this? What are your makeup buying habits? Are you as cheap as me? lol Let me know–share what you do.

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